Monday, November 23, 2009

Andy's Desk: Riding waves of optimism

Riding the waves of optimism from the successful launch of “Mostly Spruce and Hemlock” last week, I began thinking about publishing a new book for the community of Saranac Lake. After all, part of the proceeds from “Mostly Spruce” is going back to the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library in Tupper Lake. Dawn and I are now searching for an organization in Saranac Lake to support, one that would benefit from a book that the Saranac Lake community can rally around. Our ideas, for now, are top secret, but we almost have a plan in place. Stay tuned.

I’ll be heading out to distribute and sell ads for our Meet the Town booklets in Lake Placid/Wilmington this week. It’s a tough and brief one for sales, especially an annual publication, as many people are going out of town or are simply not at work because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Yet, there’s always plenty to do, like prepare for the Tupper Lake Meet the Town booklets to arrive (moving boxes and such) and write the new Plattsburgh Meet the Town. Plus, I’m still sending out orders of “Mostly Spruce and Hemlock” every day. And then there’s that pesky Business Plan Dawn and I are writing for our AEDC course. It needs to be done soon because class ends in a few weeks, and we are applying for a microenterprise loan.

The holidays are here, for better or worse. I wish all the retail outlets the best during these tough economic times and hope they have a successful season. Just remember, people love getting books for Christmas!

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