Thursday, December 3, 2009

Andy’s Desk: New Saranac Lake Winter Carnival book in the works

Today I begin my training to help maintain the new Saranac Lake Winter Carnival web site. I currently maintain my own two web sites – Meet the Town and Hungry Bear Publishing – and the Adirondack Writer blog, and have now volunteered to help the Winter Carnival Committee update its web site with one other volunteer. Nick Wakeman, who re-designed the Winter Carnival site, will visit me this afternoon and show me the ropes. Then I will try to train the other volunteer at a later date.

This web site work coincides with, but is not related to, the formation of a new book, “Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Memories,” which Hungry Bear Publishing expects to release in the fall of 2010. After working with the Tupper Lake library on the reprint of “Mostly Spruce and Hemlock,” my wife, Dawn, and I began looking for another community organization to help with the publication of a new book. We didn’t have to look far; Saranac Lake was the perfect choice, as we live here, and this is Dawn’s hometown (Tupper Lake is mine). So we began working on the creation of the new Winter Carnival book last week.

I’m currently working with the Winter Carnival’s official photographer – Mark Kurtz – to pick two photos for the cover of the book. I want it to look fun, like a carnival, yet professional. It should also be a different design from the other seven book covers I’ve published so far. The layout is complete but may be tweaked (I’m always tweaking). Then I have to decide on a font. I’m shopping right now for a font that is fun yet professional and easy to read on a book shelf.

“Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Memories” will be a true community book in the sense that it will be written by the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival community – past and present residents and visitors. In early January, we will start accepting submissions of essays (even poems) of no more than 450 words and photos (two per person) of Saranac Lake Winter Carnival memories. I estimate that the book will be 480 pages, paperback, and will retail for $24.95. I will be the editor.

Furthering our community commitment, we will donate 10% of the book’s proceeds to the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee. Given this, we are asking that submissions be donated to the cause. Entrants must sign waivers and entry forms, which will be available in early January. We hope to sell most of the initial print run of 2,000 via summer presales and through the 2010 holiday shopping season in order to help the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee pay for its 2011 event. That’s the plan so far.

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