Monday, December 7, 2009

Andy’s Desk: Tupper Lake/Long Lake/Newcomb Meet the Town books arrive

The Tupper Lake/Long Lake/Newcomb Meet the Town booklets arrive today. That means I’ll be spending the next two days folding maps, stuffing them in books, and distributing them around Tupper Lake, Long Lake and Newcomb. They’re a little late, due to illness and computer crashes, but this edition is much better than the previous (we always try to improve each book).

First of all, the Tupper Lake Meet the Town only featured the Tupper Lake community in 2008-2009, the inaugural edition. In the 2009-2010 Tupper Lake booklet, we are also promoting the town of Newcomb and the town of Long Lake, which includes the hamlets of Long Lake and Raquette Lake This is a more regional approach. At first I just wanted to add Long Lake because there is a lot of travel between Long Lake and Tupper Lake, and that made it a perfect direction to expand the booklet. Then I thought, “Newcomb is pretty close to Long Lake; let’s add Newcomb, too.” And that was that. Newcomb was in.

Raquette Lake is included in the new Meet the Town because it is part of the town of Long Lake. The community of Blue Mountain Lake is not detailed in the guide because there is limited space, and the hamlet is located in the town of Indian Lake. By political boundary, we are keeping true to the guide. We admit, though, that the traveler may see it otherwise. You see, folks have to drive through Blue Mountain Lake on State Route 28N in order to get from Long Lake to Raquette Lake.

Simply ignoring Blue Mountain Lake is not in anyone’s best interest. Therefore, we haven’t forgotten Blue Mountain Lake, a community that is near and dear to my heart, home of the Adirondack Museum, where I have traveled to research Adirondack history for my writing over the past six years. In the Attractions section of the Tupper Lake/Long Lake/Newcomb booklet, we have included the Adirondack Museum and the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts, two of the major attractions in the Central Adirondacks, ones that I highly recommend for the resident and visitor.

Every time a new book arrives, I always get nervous. Did the printer do a good job? How many boxes were smashed on the ride from the printer to Saranac Lake? Will I slip and fall in the snow while carrying 35 boxes from the FedEx truck to my storage area? It’s exciting, like when a new baby arrives, but there are always things to worry about until I get the new book in front of a customer and get a review, hopefully a positive one. Please enjoy the new Meet the Town for Tupper Lake, Long Lake and Newcomb. The online version will be available soon on the Meet the Town web site.

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