Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adirondack Attic Top 100 Challenge updated

The Adirondack Attic Top 100 Challenge (download PDF) has been updated and is ready to be used. I only had to fix two objects.

I recommend using this scavenger hunt at the Adirondack Museum with the six "Adirondack Attic" books in hand. Although the books are not necessary to find the objects, they make it easier and give more meaning to the artifacts than the small signs in the exhibits.

Dawn and I were able to find the 100 artifacts within a few hours on Sunday; however, you will need more time to enjoy the hunt and learn about the history. I'm already familiar with them, so it doesn't take me as much time.

Buy the books on this website or directly from me. They are no longer available at the Adirondack Museum gift shop. We found six copies on the sale rack, but I assume that once they're gone, the museum will no longer carry my books. It's a shame, since the books are about the museum. So if you want to buy a copy of Volume 1, which is out of print, there's one for sale at the museum gift shop for 50% off the retail price of $16.95. That's a bargain. The other five are 30% off.

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