Friday, October 23, 2015

Lake Placid Diet book now available

As I was struggling to lose the weight I'd gained over the summer, due to the inability to exercise because of my gout, I was looking for inspiration. So I began re-reading the Lake Placid Diet columns online at the Lake Placid News website.

Anyone can read these columns for free on the LPN website, but I thought, "I wish I could get all these columns in one package for easy reference." That's how the book came about. I compiled most of the Lake Placid Diet columns from the first 18 months in book form -- 264 pages -- and paid for a short run - one book for me and 249 for others who would like to purchase copies for themselves. I've found that this was the inspiration I needed, and I'm finally starting to lose weight again.

I've listed the book for sale on Amazon. Buy it here.

Here's the description:

Lake Placid Diet: How the Olympic Village saved my life

Two years after a near-death experience due to his weight, Lake Placid News Editor Andy Flynn began the Lake Placid Diet weight-loss journey, sharing his progress and struggles with readers every week. He was 470 pounds. Within a year, Flynn made enough changes to build a foundation for a healthier lifestyle, using a community approach to weight loss, and it saved his life. He found many resources to help him, including a fitness center, support groups and natural food stores. In the process he began walking in local races, completing the Lake Placid Half-Marathon twice. With 80 pounds lost, and 170 more to reach his goal weight of 220 pounds, this is just the beginning. The journey continues.
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 5.5x8.5 inches
ISBN: 978-0-99857607-6-2


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