Tuesday, September 26, 2017

10k race on hold during health recovery

I'm spending more time this week recovering from a health scare that sent me to the hospital for nine days, six in Burlington and three in Saranac Lake. Needless to say, walking the Lake Placid Classic 10k race on Oct. 7 is nowhere near possible and not even on my radar right now.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, Sept. 6, the Saranac Lake Rescue Squad transported me to the Adirondack Medical Center emergency room in Saranac Lake while I was on deadline for the Lake Placid News. At the hospital, they found multiple pulmonary embolisms in my lungs and a large one closer to my heart. The ambulance then transported me to the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, where the doctors treated me with blood thinners. That caused bleeding somewhere above my left kidney. I had returned home on Monday, Sept. 11 before the general location of the bleeding was realized. With a blocked left kidney on Wednesday, Sept. 13, I was taken off blood thinners, treated by Dr. Lieb for the blockage and bleeding, and Dr. Roland placed a filter in my inferior vena cava to break up any blood clots that may travel from my legs to my lungs. That's when I was admitted to AMC Saranac Lake, where the bleeding finally stopped. I was released on Saturday, Sept. 16, and I have been home ever since recovering and following up with the doctors.

There are more challenges yet to come. Once cleared by Dr. Lieb, I can go back on blood thinners, and once safe from any bleeding, Dr. Roland can take out the IVC filter, possibly in November. The blood thinners should take care of any potential PEs in the future. That's the plan.

In the meantime, getting enough rest, losing weight and moving my legs more are high priorities. Walking a 10k is not. Yet I hope that races are in my future. For now, I'd be happy with getting back to a normal schedule.

Thanks to all the people who sent me well wishes and visited me in the hospital.