Friday, March 1, 2019

2019 "History Nerds" book sale

Hey, it's Andy. I'm looking forward to connecting with more "Adirondack Attic" readers in 2019 as I hit the road with some "Artifact Night" events around New York state.

As such, I'm offering a sale on all my books for anyone who emails me, texts me or calls me on the phone with the code: "History Nerds." My email is and phone number is (518) 891-5559. We can take care of the order by email or phone. I accept credit cards, checks and cash and offer free delivery to the Tri-Lakes region of the Adirondacks.

All these books are $15 each: "New York's Mountain Heritage: Adirondack Attic" volumes 2-6, "Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Memories" and the "Lake Placid Diet." If you don't say "History Nerds" you don't get the discount. The regular prices are $18.00 for each Attic book, $24.95 for the Winter Carnival book and $17.95 for the "Lake Placid Diet."

So far, I have an "Adirondack Artifact Night" program slated for 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 10 in Wilmington, hopefully at the community center, sponsored by the Wilmington Historical Society. I last presented this program in Wilmington several years ago, and we had a blast!

Here's a description of the program:

Artifact Night is a time to share stories about family and local history with your community. People are invited to bring artifacts from home or work and tell stories about their objects during a show-and-tell session. Beforehand, I give a brief presentation on researching local history, showcasing stories from the Adirondack Attic History Project. The most fun is when people bring in “mystery objects” and the group collectively tries to solve the mystery. You don’t have to be a history nerd to enjoy this program, but it helps.

I hope to see you on the road this year with your artifacts and stories.


Proud history nerd,
Andy Flynn