The Attic

Adirondack Attic History Project

Andy Flynn founded the Adirondack Attic History Project in 2003 to actively preserve Adirondack history by collecting artifact-based, human-interest stories. The project was recognized in 2008 with a Certificate of Commendation from the Upstate History Alliance (now Museumwise).

Newspapers: In February 2003, Flynn began writing the weekly, syndicated column “Adirondack Attic” for several newspapers in northern New York, and the series wrapped up in May 2009. For the column’s material, he worked with curators at the Adirondack Museum (now Adirondack Experience) in Blue Mountain Lake to tell stories about the facility’s artifact collections.

Books: In 2004, Flynn founded Hungry Bear Publishing and self-published his first book, “New York State’s Mountain Heritage: Adirondack Attic, Volume 1.” His catalog now includes six “Adirondack Attic” books, which feature the columns he wrote from 2003 to 2008. Part of the proceeds from the book sales – $5,500 in all – was donated to the Adirondack Museum’s Collection Improvement Fund to help purchase new artifacts.

Radio: In April 2010, Flynn began producing the monthly “Adirondack Attic” series for North Country Public Radio, which features stories about artifacts in the collections of museums and historic sites throughout the Adirondack North Country Region. The radio series wrapped up in October 2017 so Flynn could produce programs for NCPR's North Country at Work project, specializing in telling stories about tools and machines used in workplaces through the Adirondack North Country Region.

Lectures: As part of the educational component of the Adirondack Attic History Project, Flynn has presented programs on Adirondack history to audiences around the state, including scholars at the New York State Archives Conference, Association of Public Historians of New York State and Conference on New York State History. He also tours with singer/songwriter Dan Berggren to present the Adirondack Attic Musical History Tour.

Listen to the "Adirondack Attic" on NCPR.

Stories from the Attic History Project

In October 2016, Andy Flynn expanded his message of historic preservation beyond the Adirondack Region by founding the Stories from the Attic History Project, building upon the Adirondack Attic History Project he founded in 2003.

Through alliances with the media, museums, historic preservation organizations, historical societies and educational institutions, “Stories from the Attic” aims to help preserve America’s historical collections, sites and architecture through education, action and advocacy. He spreads his educational message mainly through his public programs.

Mission: Promote better public understanding, appreciation and stewardship of America’s local, regional, state and national collections, sites and architecture.

Vision: We envision an America where historic preservation is part of the everyday conversation for all generations; where historic preservation is valued in society; where historic preservation starts at home and branches upward to the local, regional, state and national levels; where historic preservation is at the top of the priority list for developers building on historic sites; where historic preservation is as important in school curricula as math, science and language; where heritage tourism continues to grow and have a positive impact on local economies; and where historical societies, museums and organizations are thriving.