Hungry Bear Publishing is not a traditional publishing company. We don't buy rights to your book and publish it. We help you self-publish.

This company was founded in 2004 by author Andy Flynn so he could self-publish his first "Adirondack Attic" book. By 2015, he had written and published nine of his own books.

During this period, some of Flynn's friends had written books and asked him to help them get published. So he did, but not in the traditional sense. He helped them self-publish.

Authors who have had their work go through Hungry Bear Publishing include Randy Lewis ("Actively Adirondack"), Diane Chase ("Adirondack Family Time," High Peaks and Lake Champlain editions), the Hohmeyer family at the Lake Clear Lodge ("Common Roots Cookbook"), Christopher Buerkett ("69 Seconds: Poetry in Time's Need"), Leonard Gereau ("Tahawus Memories"), and Tracy Santagate, who posthumously published some of the works of her father, Edward Rogers. Most of our books target the book market in the Adirondack Park region of New York state.

The reason these authors did not self-publish by themselves is because they did not have the layout experience to prepare the electronic files for the printer. Flynn has that experience. In this sense, we are more like a production company.

The author pays for production, printing and shipping. When the books arrive, they are the property of the author.


When an author finishes a manuscript and wants to self-publish through Hungry Bear Publishing, Flynn will:

1. design the book based on the author's decisions on book dimensions, paper stock, cover stock, artwork, etc.

2. help the author come up with a budget for production and printing.

3. prepare artwork (photos) for the book using Adobe PhotoShop software.

4. lay out the book — cover and text pages — using QuarkXPress software.

5. edit the book.

6. supply one of his International Standard Book Numbers (needed to sell books in stores), making Hungry Bear Publishing the publisher of record.

7. purchase the bar code (needed in order to sell books in stores).

8. arrange for printing of the books with his printer in Michigan.

9. arrange for delivery of the books to the author.

10. help the author with any follow-up questions regarding sales, marketing, etc. (free advice)

The only reason Hungry Bear Publishing is the publisher of record is because we buy ISBNs in bulk and use one for each project. Authors can supply their own if they like. The author retains the copyright for all material and essentially becomes the "self-publisher" when the books arrive.

The author is then in charge of storing the books, marketing them, selling them, paying sales tax, etc.


Andy Flynn charges $50 per hour for book production.

Prices for each project are different; therefore, costs vary depending on many factors, including book dimensions, paper and cover stock, number of pages, special requests for the printer (shrink wrap, hard cover, color pages inside), print run, amount of photos needed to be processed, amount of text that needs to be edited and number of revisions from the author.

Production costs: For books with few photos and a simple design, production costs can range from $1,000 to $1,500. More complicated designs that take more time, including a large number of photos, will increase the costs. Providing a well-organized chapter outline, clean copy and quality photos will decrease the cost of production.

Printing costs: It is impossible to get a quote for your print run until we know the page count for your book. However, if you have a target page count, we can get a projected printing price quote so you can start planning a budget.

Most of the books we've had printed have been paperbacks (perfect binding) with black-and-white photos throughout the text with a color cover. But our printer will accommodate a number of special requests.

Our printer offers Short Run Digital Printing (print runs from 25 to 750) and Offset Book Printing (print runs from 750 to 50,000).


To get started self-publishing your book, contact Andy Flynn by email,, or phone, 518-891-5559.